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Good morning Sir,

I m Mokhtar FATTEH, a student at the uneversity of Telecommunication

engineenring in Tunisia (Supcom). I have a project of memory theses about the

developement of DVB T/H receiver system in our lab. In order to doing this, we

should have at the first a platform in wich we can do our new design of the


The platform have the capability to testing and development the DVB T and the

DVB H systems in one receiver. we have the accord of the administration to find

the appropriate platform in order to negociate the realisation of this project after

obtenation of the base area for doing this.

we need to know more about your product, if you have the datasheet and a

description for the design or another documentation that it can help us to

inderstand more what we need and to give us a complete project that we can

negociate our university, and i make you information Sir, the school is very

intersted for this idea because it represent a new technology for us and it have so

an important priority. we will be happy to find a solution that it make the first

steps in our future work.

Sir, we are ready to negociate the price of this platform if it 's necessary, but we

need the documentation before.

Sir, if you have any another proposition for another firm that have a platform for this

system, i will be happy if you make me information.

I m waiting your answer Sir and i hope that will be a good news. Thanks Sir, for

have receiving this mail.


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